Default Output

The default output provided by yath is intended for humans, not parsers.

The rules are similar to prove's, passing test gets one line, diagnostics messages and failed tests are still printed.

Yath output includes the job the output came from, useful when things run concurrently.


Quiet Mode

Easiest slide ever!!

Quiet mode has no output, just a true or false exit code.

Verbose Mode

All output, all the time.


QVF (Quiet, but verbose on failure)

Passing tests only show a passing line, no diag messages or STDERR.

Failing tests are completely verbose.

Output is buffered until the test file is complete, so no muxing.



You can write your own renderers for yath to completely control the output.

The default renderer is called Test2::Harness::Renderer::Formatter, which lets you use any Test2 formatter as your output.

Writing a custom renderer is intended to be simple/trivial, but in practice there is still some work to do on that.

Renderers being developed or released by others (IE not me):